Styx performed at Chicago's Vic Theatre on Tuesday,  August 3rd, 2004.  After being introduced, Chuck addressed the crowd about the theatre being in Chicago's gay community.  "After looking at my schedule I saw the Vic Theatre.  Knowing it is an anchor of the GLBT community, I wanted to acknowledge that".  Since I'm the gay member of Styx, I think it's important for me to dedicate my performance to all my gay brothers & sisters here tonight" said Chuck.
Tommy Shaw wrote this about the evening:
"A Neighborhood Theatre in the Gay Community"
The Vic Theatre
"Oh what a night it was. The show tonight at the Vic Theater in Chicago was one for the STYX History Book.

For one thing, it was the first time we have performed in the actual city limits since 1983 (remember, like most other major cities, the big Chicago amphitheater is out in the suburbs). Then add Johnnie Johnson (who joined us for the first ever live performance of "Hey Mr. Johnson") and Koko Taylor (who, along with Johnnie and the band belted out her classic "Wang Dang Doodle" and "Sweet Home Chicago") as well as a few of our favorite covers thrown in for excitement, and you had over 2 hours of sheer delight.

Chuck Panozzo flew up from South Beach to join in the fun and before it was over we had ourselves a Wang Dang Doodle, all night long."

"Thank you Chicago for making it so".