On May 20th, I left Miami to hook up with STYX for the Universal Amphitheater gig.  Los Angeles has always been a very cool city to work and play in for me.  Roseanne Arquette visited the band in the dressing room.  She had a mini cam with her and I gave an impromptu interview.  Very cool!  The gig certainly lived up to my expectations!

    Next stop was the Chronicle Pavilion in Concord California.  It's in northern CA where the state shines a golden hue.  It was a very HOT crowd and later that night I met up with a few friends. 
    Marysville was next.  It was there that Todd, Gary and I decided to fly to Denver.  A 1,175 mile ride was replaced with a 45 min Air flight.  At a hip shop in Denver, I picked up the black duster I wear during Rengade.  The "Mile High" city is always physically challenging.

    Next gig was at the USANA Amphitheatre in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I have fond memories from the previous gigs but one that will really stand out is when John and I flew low altitude over the Great Salt Lake.  I also met my friend Dylan's mother and sister.   
    I have included a few photo's of some after show meets as well as Daniel.  Daniel Wills is the son of Rick Wills, legendary bassist with Foreigner who has also played with Bad Company, Davis Gilmore, The Faces and many other
well-known English bands.  Daniel, 26, is a songwriter, guitarist and recording engineer in his own right, and is currently our assistant tour manager.   He has replaced Jason (who by the way is doing quite well).  Jason is currently driving the Jagermeister Van and will be in the Chicago GAY Pride Pararde

    I leave Tuesday, June 15th, for the East Coast part of the tour.
    See you there...

California, Here I Come!
Chuck and Daniel
Chuck before the show
Chuck with Dylan Rice's Mom, sister and brother in-law
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