Off With A Bang!
   I left for Chicago on May 5th just a few weeks after having surgery for prostate cancer.  I was concerned that I might not be    able to make the trip to my home town.  I was still recovering and until I new things were 100%,  I was a little nervous.

    I left Miami early and was in Chicago in a few Hours.  I thought there might be a car waiting to bring me to the Hard Rock Hotel.  When I didn't see my name on any signs  in baggage claim, I grabbed my bags and hailed a cab.

    I was at the Hard Rock 45 minutes later.  I told the cabbie to wait.  As I opened the door he moved the cab up and banged the door into a pole.

    I knew I was on a STYX tour.
    George, the tour manager, was outside and as I grabbed my gear he paid the cab fare.

    An hour later I was being wisked to an autograph signing.  It was really fun shaking hands and signing photos.

    The best part was when a twenty-something young guy handed me a photo from my participation in the Gay Pride Parade in   Chicago.  He told me he was HIV+ and thanked me for being his inspiration.  It took a lot of courage and pride for him to say that to me.
    The photos sent represent various dates and a single pic waiting for the tour bus.

    It was an emotional experience knowing my 1st gig with STYX was in 1972.  There I was in 2004   It was awesome. 

    I want to thank all the fans who inspire me every time I'm onstage.

    Till next time...