You Have Mail.....
Recently, I've received a few very cool emails.  They are testament to the changing perspectives about homosexuality, HIV and AIDS.  What I think is so HOT about the letters is that they are all part of the excitement that I'll be partaking in during the European Tour.  The fact that the emails are from straight guys makes them even hipper.  Here are two viewpoints from two guys that “Get It”.

Thank you very much for your reply, Mr. Panozzo. I feel honored by it and I spent quite some time at, reading all your stories and information and watching the pictures.”

I hope your efforts in the field of AIDS awareness and true integration of homosexuals in your society will pay off. In my country (The Netherlands) we have had gay marriages for a number of years now, and it's not like we've turned into Sodom and Gomorrah or something like that. Although I'm not gay myself, I've always felt that the whole issue of homosexuality, in the deepest sense of the matter, should not be an issue at all. There is absolutely no reason (other than highly debatable 'religious' motives) to be opposed to gay marriages.  If a country does indeed pursue freedom and peace for all, it can only be gained from doing that. In fact, I believe (and I also heard this from friends who are gay), in some quiet way, the impact of legalizing gay marriages was so great that it almost wiped out the entire issue. Recently the gay movement, united under the COC, declared that all major goals have been attained and that there is no longer discrimination in an institutional, legal and social sense.

I also believe that legalizing gay marriages has contributed to AIDS awareness and acceptance of those who suffer from it. The notion that AIDS is typically a disease for homosexuals is no longer present here. Of course there are exceptions, and the gay movement still remains alert, but the battle for full institutional and social recognition has been won and no longer exists. Public information about AIDS and its consequences is now directed towards everyone in general, just like every other disease.

So once again, I think the issues you are involved in are very worthy causes and I really hope you will succeed. The effects will be purely positive to each and everyone.

Let me finish by saying that I'm very grateful for the fact that I can communicate with you, here today in 2005. Your courage and willpower in fighting various serious illnesses and life's hardest moments is a true inspiration to me. And from yet another selfish point of view, I think it's a joy I can continue listening to you making wonderful music.

With the highest respect and warmest regards


Perhaps Peter sums it up the best when he writes...

“Styx has meant so much to me over the years.  I first found Styx in 1974 when I got Serpent.  Through my teen years, you were there.  I've cried, laughed, made love, wed, brought children up, lost loved ones and always there has been Styx with a tune to match my mood.  Thank you for being there.

It is a small compensation for all you have given me to say I love you and I am here for you brother”

In Peace,