Almost every homeowner is operating on a tight budget, even in the best of times. This is particularly true this year. Due to social isolation, Coronavirus pandemic, and general uncertainty about what tomorrow offers, people are all trying to save as much money as possible.  

Of course, this does not mean that things around your house are going to wait for a more convenient time to break down or to wear out. Today, it is the best time to address those chores you have been putting off for a while with the sunnier and warmer months that lies ahead.  

Here are a couple of tasks that you can tackle without spending a lot of money, even if you hire a handyman in Palm Bay. 

Wash the Windows 

This is perhaps one chore that no one likes to do. However, it does change both the interior and exterior of your home since it can allow more natural light in. 

Replace or Repaint Your Mailbox 

This is another chore that you can tackle in a short period. Usually, homeowners do not give a lot of consideration to the appearance of their mailbox. It is one of those items people look at each day without ever really noticing it. It might be time to offer your old mailbox a makeover that it deserves.  

Repaint Doors, Fascia, and Exterior Trim 

These things can all be easily painted without investing a lot of money, effort, or time. In addition to that, they’ve got a huge impact on the look of your house.  

Mulch Your Garden and Lawn 

Professionals suggest mulching right after you plant in spring. This helps insulate plants from heavy rains and frost, enrich soil nutrients, preserve moisture, and control weeds.  


Power Wash the Exterior of Your House 

Powering washing gets rid of the years of unappealing accumulation of grime, dirt, soot, and mildew from the exterior of your home. It is extremely great on wood, steel, aluminum, stucco, and brick. Aside from that, it is an effective way to prepare the exterior of your house for painting.  

Seal or Re-Stain Your Wood Decks 

Water and winter aren’t the best friends of wood. Thus, offering your wooden walkways and deck with a protective layer against the elements improve its life. It also helps in improving its natural beauty.  

Clean the Gutters 

The environment has had months to deposit dirt, dead leaves, and other debris in your gutter. This is where they hold stagnant run-off rain, decompose, and much more. They will begin to damage the gutter itself over time. Of course, it isn’t an ideal job to clean them out. However, you can do it efficiently and quickly with the help of a professional handyman. 

Every single one of these tasks does not need any unique skills to accomplish. All you need is a dedication of effort and time. Also, you have to keep in mind that a professional handyman can offer these services to you. Thus, if you think you don’t have the time to do these jobs, don’t hesitate to hire one.