A few months back I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Two cancerous tumors were found and had to be removed.  I had two choices to make.  One was radical surgery, or a pioneering procedure that uses high-intensity sound waves.
I've decided to make this public because of the high incidence of the disease in men over 50.  The following is an interview I did with The Charlotte Observer.
From the Desk of Chuck:
The Sound of Healing?
Device blasts prostate cancer with ultrasonic waves
As a founder of the rock group Styx, Chuck Panozzo knows the power of sound.
But even Panozzo was impressed by the Sonablate 500 ~ a machine that uses high-intensity sound waves to burn away prostate cancer.
Panozzo, 55, of Miami, flew to the Dominican Republic in April for the $20,000 treatment, which is not approved in the United States or covered by health insurers.
Early tests indicate it killed the bass player's cancer, while sparing him the incontinence and impotence many men suffer from more established treatments.  Seventeen days later, he said, he was on stage with his band.

"That's the cool part," Panozzo said before a recent show in Charlotte.  "I don't look sick up there or feel like I'm dragging."

Now a Charlotte company is getting in on the act.

U.S. HIFU, incorporated just three months ago, has bought a minority ownership in the Indianapolis company that developed the Sonablate 500.  It's purchased future distribution rights, and partnered with the doctor who's treated Panozzo and other patients in the Dominican Republic.
Stay Well...
By Mike Stobbe
  ~staff writer~